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Kudzu media

Hey everyone... Glad you’re here! Since my last article, I had a incident happen.

My precious yellow lab, Sophie, decided to take a long walk. It was July 4th around 1:00, we got her back home on Saturday afternoon. The reason for me telling you this is: 1) I was a mess for 30 + hours, 2) she has never done this before in her 12 years, and 3) Facebook is awesome when it comes to something like this. I had 60 to 70 friends all commenting and giving me encouragement. 20 or so posting her pictures on their page and sharing it and 5 friends actually got in their cars and drove around. WOW! As if I wasn’t crying enough. I want to thank all of you again, you know who you are.

Mandy Snell

Anyway, this ‘social media’ has done tremendous things (for me it’s been 5 years),  for others probably more. When I first set up an account and/or starting using it, I was amazed. I got 93 friend requests in 8 hours!! Ha, I called it the “Kudzu media”, cause it just spread and grew like crazy, I loved it! It has reunited me with friends that I figured I would never talk to again. But now we talk and I know where they live and how many kids/grandkids they have PLUS PICTURES! What a bonus. 

However, some of my friends think it’s OK to post pictures of dead mice and nasty snakes… IT’S NOT OK and please stop it!! Eewww… Lol. Here I am scrolling through looking at pictures of weddings, graduations, new babies, milestone events etc. Then BAM!!!! a picture of a dead creature!! Please stop! Also, vivid photos of injuries… Not good either! FB also, unfortunately, informs us of those who have passed away. More times than none, we don’t find out about the sad news until it’s too late to pay our condolences. With that being said, God got a wonderful, sweet angel on Monday night, Michelle Pierce Craven. She lost her battle with a lung disease. She will be missed and prayers to her family. On a lighter note, I have to say:  Thank God Facebook wasn’t around when I was growing up. By that I mean my teen years! Lord, I would have been in jail…. A LOT!! People take pictures and then instantly post them to f. Can you imagine… Eeeekkkk. My friends and I would not have been able to deny all those things if it was right there in a picture and going viral. Whew, we missed a bullet there! But with me involved in planning the last 2 reunions, it was a God send! Both events were fabulous and it was because we reached SO many that we probably would have never found. But I am so glad we did. Please don’t ever lose touch with me, I enjoy all of our conversations, all the time. I will always respond. I started chatting with an old friend the other night, and come to find out he and my husband were best friends back in school. Robbie has mentioned his name many times and now, because of fb, they will be seeing each other in the next few weeks. Very cool! Until next month, stay healthy and stay happy! Much love. ~ Mandy Snell Harris

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about growing up in Snellville and its history. Have any Growing up in Snellville stories to share? Comment below!