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Carol Wood

Exercise and school success

Is there a correlation between physical exertion and academic success? Many educators speculate that by limiting the number of exercise breaks for students during the school day, we hamper their potential in the classroom.

Carol Wood

Counting on fingers

It is not unusual for a young child to use his or her fingers when calculating a math problem.  This is a tactile method of learning. 

Carol Wood

The twelve gifts of birth!

In my work with young people in their academics, often I find them lacking confidence, motivation, and hope.  They also sometimes have no clear vision as to what their life is to be all about. 

Carol Wood

What is your E.Q.?

As a student have you ever wonder what your IQ score is or wished it were higher? 

Carol Wood

Appreciating and Supporting TEACHERS

As the new school year begins, it is a good time to recognize those who have dedicated and committed themselves to the education of students.

Carol Wood

For Rising 9th Grade Students: Launch to High School

So, you’re a rising 9th grader, your first year of high school! As you begin your high school career, you will adjust to a new building, attend school as the youngest, meet lots of new people, acclimate to the expectations of high school teachers, have an array of clubs and activities in which to participate and make LOTS of new friends!  How exciting!