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Carol Wood

You are Your Children’s Most Important Teacher!

When your children’s birthdays and other special occasions occur, it is often difficult to decide what to give them as presents which represent your love and affection and which have long term benefits. What gift can you give your children like this? One answer is to be their primary teacher because education begins with you!

Carol Wood

Educational Concepts | Who’s in Charge at Your House?

As a parent, are you sometimes afraid you will make your children angry with you if you discipline them and/or require responsible, respectful behaviors? Are you worried you may cause them emotional harm if you hold them to your expectations and require certain behaviors? Do any of your children refuse to do homework, study for tests, attend after-school tutorial sessions, and/or earn grades lower than his or her abilities? Have your children taken charge of your home?

Carol Wood, Total Learning Concepts

What is Credit Recovery?

A new buzz phrase in education today is “credit recovery”. And, no, it has nothing to do with finances and the recovery of money!

Carol Wood, Total Learning Concepts

Georgia Milestones Assessments

Did you know that Georgia Milestones are a comprehensive assessment program for students in 3rd through 12th grade which are administered in the public schools?

Carol Wood

To Students: Do You Feel Defeated by “Failure” at School?

It is rare for a student to earn a passing grade on every assignment and/or test taken in school. However, for some students, if and when a failing grade is earned, they feel like a complete failure in, not just their academics, but in everything and beat themselves up in their minds.

Carol Wood

Students, Who or What do you Honor?

Do you want to be successful in school and gain congratulations from your teachers? Do you desire to grow to become an independent and self-sufficient adult apart from your parents and make them proud? If you answered, “yes” to either of these questions, ask yourself one more question. What or who do you honor and/or value?