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Carol Wood

Organizational Unwillingness or Executive Dysfunction?

Do any of these characteristics describe a student in your family; lazy, forgetful, unmotivated, often late, unorganized, distracted, messy, and/or trouble communicating logically? If so, the student is exhibiting a lack of employing organizational strategies.

Carol Wood

For educators: How to foster critical thinking skills in students

As an educator, I have always been interested in teaching critical thinking skills to students and believe it is important to teach them HOW to think, not WHAT to think! I have observed students who developed this ability somewhat naturally, whereas, others had to work to develop critical thinking abilities.

Carol Wood

Strategies for Taking Subjective or Essay Tests

Essay tests can be a great way for a student to earn grade points because essays present an opportunity for him/her to tell everything they know about a subject and to earn points while doing so. If a student knows a lot about the subject, the essay is a place to shine!

Carol Wood

Help Your Children to Have a Successful School Year!

The school year is well underway and it is important to make sure your children start off the best way possible. Regardless of your children’s grade level in school, following are suggestions which may be helpful in enabling them to work more productively and successfully, thus increasing their chance of a successful school year.

Carol Wood

Keys to Becoming a Confident Learner

It is not unusual for students at times to feel unsure about their academic abilities, especially if they have a sibling or friends who earn higher grades than they do or if they have any type of learning challenge. So, to better equip students to become more confident about their ability to learn, the following are a few helpful suggestions.

Carol Wood

Educational Concepts | Teenage Stress, Anxiety & Depression

With final exams and the end of the school year approaching, stress is real for many students! As an educational professional, I have consulted and worked with many teenage students who are trying to cope with stress and anxiety. I am saddened each time to learn about their struggles and feel propelled to help.

Carol Wood

Spring Time Readiness Assessment for Pre-Kindergarten Students!

Is your pre-kindergarten student ready to enter a formal school environment and meet teacher and school expectations?

Many parents assume that their young child is ready for preschool or pre-kindergarten based on his or her chronological age. Are they correct to assume their child is ready to begin formal instruction in the development of his or her reading, math, and language skills because they are chronologically of age? Not necessarily! 

Carol Wood

Tips for Teachers to Gain Students’

Students’ attention can be difficult to obtain, especially in a culture of social media and technology. As teachers, we are always seeking ways to get and maintain our students’ focus and attention so they can comprehend what is presented and master the material. Following are a few suggestions for doing this!