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One bit of advice


Now that my first batch of grandchildren is embracing the first stirrings of Patriotism, I very recently wrote, directed and produced a 3 act play that lasted under 10 minutes, even counting the 2nd act musical number from”Little Mermaid.” I had standards:

loraleebeardAnyone NOT potty trained was not given a speaking part.  Lead roles shown (left to right) are Skylar Schroder as Paul Revere, Hayden Barnett as Betsy Ross and Blake Schroder as George Washington.  On the ground is Taylor Barnett as Tempe Wick.  Growing up in New Jersey, we had a lack of Revolutionary War Heroes from New Jersey so we learned a lot about Tempe whose claim to fame was hiding her horse under the bed, so the British wouldn’t steal him.  Three year old Taylor’s one line, “My horse is under the bed” drew a standing ovation.

Of course we now have American Idols in a different mode and it was a lift for our staff to photograph and visit with Alexa Gilomen of North Gwinnett High School who made it to group round of Hollywood Week in American Idol Season 12.  Alexa sings jazz pop and is an all around musician.  She not only plays percussion and is co-captain of the NGHS drum line.  but also plays piano and works with a professional vocal coach for classical voice and all other styles of music.  Her early success in her American Idol attempt leaves the door open for another try!

Another point of pride for North Gwinnett High School is the loyalty of generations of family,  Starr Shuler, a 2004 graduate now teaches Language Arts at NGHS as well as Coaching Softball and Boys tennis.  Sister Kaycee Shuler is a 2013-2014 Senior while late Father, Kenny Owens was Class of 1972. The Mom, Teresa Shuler, class of 1981, continues to work in the Gwinnett County Public School System,  

Brehan Tucker is one of our favorite types of Seniors to photograph.  She brought in her own creative AND self-made prop as well as her well behaved dog, Scooter.  Bre, who is on the soccer team at Archer High School, got Scooter (affectionately known as “her shadow”) four years ago.  Bre, whose little sister, McKenna, will be a freshman at Archer this coming fall is “very creative,” says mom Tara Tucker. Bre found the idea for a Senior sign online and then put her own twist on it by hooking it to her boot with a rope to make it more “country.”   

Our new favorite outdoor location in Gwinnett County, (often mentioned as having one of the best park networks in the country), is Freeman Mill Park.  Katie Bostic, is a Senior at Loganville Christian Academy and the daughter of Tim and Debby Bostic.  She started at LCA in the 6th grade and is a tennis standout at the school.  Her favorite thing about LCA is her friends, oops!– Wait, it is Uncle Mark, who also happens to be the principal.  

Once the British Royal Baby George arrived, my direction was clear: to showcase a picture of the most famous castle in our area: Central Gwinnett High School’s Black Knights Castle showcasing their football and cheerleading Seniors.

Another marker of Tradition and Excellence is the Grayson High School tunnel picture, taken every year by Les Beard with Head Coach Mickey Conn in the forefront. Only one bit of advice from me to all our area teams: Bring back your live mascots!!!

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